Maisie Richardson-Sellers has reportedly been awarded the lead role in the new Star Wars movie: 'a young black or mixed-race woman who may be a descendent of Jedi Knight Ben Kenobi.'


Wow, she got the role? 

Glad for her.  Lupita is still in the running for another role! Woot. Got to root for my home girl.


we should all be thankful that centipedes can’t fly

Nina today at Coachella. (April 12)




generic brand

no no you don’t understand

in canada

this is an actual thing

You mean this is only in canada? I thought the states had it too. Im so cofused


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Coac(hella far away)

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"hey don’t you have a crush on…"



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Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

sorry, but i call bullshit (at least to the notion that michelle obama is the single source of this culinary hellscape). that crusty fried chicken sandwich in the top picture? i got served that shit in high school fifteen years ago, when michelle obama was an illinois senator’s wife. that ugly mess of ground “beef” and corn and mashed potatoes, with a single sad white roll? that shit’s so familiar i might as well be high-fiving it at a family reunion. our school lunches have been garbage for decades, ever since we let corporations enter the business of feeding schoolchildren on contract, when school lunches stopped being cooked at school and started being cooked in factories and freezer-bagged and microwaved on site. this shitty situation can’t be dropped entirely in michelle obama’s lap: she didn’t start sysco or aramark or maramont or any of the giant food conglomerates that serve up deep fried frozen faux food by the truckload into america’s schools, at a profit. why don’t we hold accountable giant corporations and industry lobbyists- like, i shit you not, the national potato council- who have fought against improving school lunch standards for decades?

michelle obama’s fighting an uphill battle because let’s face it, school districts across the nation are suffering and hemorrhaging money, and school lunches have always been a target of cutbacks. rather than spending money on healthy foods to cut calories and maximize nutrients- re the obama guidelines- schools just cut corners and serve less. their shitty substandard implementation of the guidelines does not mean that the concept of bringing healthier food into public schools is a failed one. 

and if you want to change school lunches, instead of complaining to michelle obama on twitter, you can support the local efforts of students, parents and teachers to improve their lunches, like the campaign going on in philadelphia right now. these schoolkids have organized to try and end the contract with their shitty corporate meal provider, and gather support for meals cooked in-school with better ingredients. i guarantee there are fights like this going on in more places than philly, and they could use your help.

13 years ago I remember we were literally served a single piece of cheese between two pieces of white bread and an apple with milk or juice. This was lunch we could purchase, the ONLY things we could purchase that day. Why? Because the lunch servers, monitors, and principal decided to punish the entire student body for a food fight that the popular kids did. When we told them who did so, they didn’t believe us (and by us I’m talking the nerd groups, the goth groups, the fringe and ‘troubled’ groups basically) . This isn’t Michelle Obama but local people of power like principals or whomever is control of food services for varying reasons.

Michelle merely set the standard for a healthy meal. She didn’t directly insert herself into your schools and force your cafeteria to serve you a shitty lunch!